HR Forms

HR TeamYou can download and print the forms listed here. They are available in either MS Word or PDF. Some of the forms can be filled out on your computer. You need the latest Acrobat Reader to view the forms in Portable Document Format (PDF).

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Please go to the Employment Opportunities page of this site to download job announcement and supplemental questions (if applicable) for the recruitment of interest

Application Materials

Format File Size
Classified Equivalency Application PDF 61KB
Faculty/Adjunct Faculty Equivalency Application PDF 61KB
Management Equivalency Application PDF 61KB
Benefits Format File Size
Early Retirement Option Request (Classified) PDF 76KB
Early Retirement Option Request (Faculty/Educational Administrators) PDF 91KB
Early Retirement Option Intent Acknowledgement PDF 24KB
Health Family Act of 2014 Paid Sick Leave (AB1522) PDF 328KB
Employee of the Month Format File Size
Employee Questionnaire Formstack  
Nomination Form Formstack  
Evaluations Format File Size
Classified Regular Evaluation Form MS Word 80KB
Classified Interim Evaluation Form MS Word 77KB
Classified Evaluation - Performance Improvement Plan MS Word 69KB
Performance Improvement Plan - Outcome Report MS Word 43KB
Faculty Evaluation Forms - Adjunct Zip  
Faculty Evaluation Forms - Regular Zip  
Faculty Evaluation Forms - Tenure Zip  
Management Team Evaluation - Survey Group Work Sheet MS Word 39KB
Management Team Evaluation - Supervisor Summary (Form A) MS Word 579KB
Internal/Recruiting Format File Size
Committee Chair Checklist (Classified & Management Recruitments) PDF 24KB
Committee Chair Checklist (Faculty Recruitments) PDF 72KB
Emergency Hire Request Form MS Word 1MB
Faculty Recruitment Planning Guide MS Word 1.01MB
Faculty Rehire Form and Guidelines PDF 291 KB
Faculty Staffing:Timelines, Guiding Principles & Forms Committee Webpage N/A
Foreign Degree Evaluation PDF 85KB
Hiring Orientation Acknowledgement Form PDF 226KB
Hiring Procedure Overview PDF 194KB
How to Apply at SRJC PDF 295KB
Interview Information Form MS Word 79 KB
Management Recruitment Planning Guide MS Word 1.01MB
NEOGOV: OHC User Guide PDF 516KB
Reassignment Request Form PDF 386KB
Recruitment Guidelines (for Committee Chairs) PDF 148KB
Reference Check Worksheet (Class./Mgt.) PDF 53KB
Reference Check Worksheet (Faculty) PDF 54KB
Voluntary Consent Form PDF 50KB
Miscellaneous Format File Size
Above and Beyond' Nomination Form MS Word 1022KB
Board 02-08-11 Information Item PDF 28KB
Board Process PDF 193KB
Classification Review - Job Description Worksheet MS Word 36KB
Classification Review - Supervisory Review Form MS Word 18KB
Classification Review - Timeline PDF 72KB
Classified/Management Preauthorization for Instructional Assignments PDF 184KB
Classified Professional Development Release Time Request Form PDF 129 KB
Classified Seniority List - Research Request Form PDF 96KB
Classified Shared Governance Compensation Form PDF 93KB
Classified Shared Governance Compensation Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) MS Word 15KB
Classified Staff Request for Off-Schedule Classification Review PDF 71KB
Classified Staffing Examples Word 39KB
Community Education Job Fair Ad PDF 146KB
Equivalency Review Sheet PDF 81KB
Faculty Seniority List - Research Request Form PDF 96KB
Faculty Service Area Application MS Word 1MB
Faculty Teaching Experience Verification Form PDF 18KB
Faculty Work Experience Verification Form PDF 21KB
Grievance Form PDF 65KB
Incident Report Link to Web Form  
Incident Report (How and when to file.) PDF 235KB
Incident Report - Supervisor's Report of Injury (Worker's Compensation) PDF 23KB
Management Team Classification/Compensation Study Cover Letter MS Word 31KB
Management Team Classification/Compensation Study - Position Information Questionnaire (PIQ) MS Word 97KB
Name/Address/Phone Change PDF 580KB
New Hire Checklist PDF 124KB
Reasonable Accommodation Request Form PDF 30KB
Request for Review of Management Range Placement MS Word 1MB
Volunteer Agreement PDF 70KB
Personnel Action Forms Format File Size
Classified & Management Personnel Action Form (PAF) PDF 75KB
Faculty Master PAF Template Excel 63KB
Faculty Personnel Action Form (PAF) PDF 77KB
Professional Expert Personnel Action Form (PAF) PDF 592KB
Short-Term Non-Continuing (STNC) Personnel Action Form (PAF) PDF 143KB
Additional Costs for STNC/Professional Expert Employees PDF 99KB
Working Out Of Class Request Form PDF 95 KB
Work Calendars Format File Size
Daily Work Calendar PDF 14KB