HR Forms


Equivalency Materials

Classified Equivalency Application
Faculty/Adjunct Faculty Equivalency Application
Management Equivalency Application
Management Equivalency Guide
Early Retirement Option Request (Classified)
Early Retirement Option Request (Faculty/Educational Administrators)
Early Retirement Option Intent Acknowledgement
Health Family Act of 2014 Paid Sick Leave (AB1522)
Employee of the Month
Employee Questionnaire
Nomination Form
Classified Regular Evaluation Form
Classified Interim Evaluation Form
Classified Evaluation - Performance Improvement Plan
Performance Improvement Plan - Outcome Report
Faculty Evaluation Forms - Adjunct
Faculty Evaluation Forms - Regular
Faculty Evaluation Forms - Tenure
Management Team Evaluation - Survey Group Work Sheet
Management Team Evaluation - Supervisor Summary (Form A)  WORD Version  ||  PDF Version
Committee Chair Checklist (Classified & Management Recruitments)
Committee Chair Checklist (Faculty Recruitments)
Committee Chair Recruitment Guideline (All Classifications)
Emergency Hire Request Form
Equivalency Review Sheet (Faculty) 
Equivalency Review Sheet (Management)
Faculty Recruitment Planning Guide
Faculty Rehire Form and Guidelines
Hiring Procedure Overview
Management Recruitment Planning Guide
NEOGOV: OHC User Guide
New Hire Checklist
Reference Check Worksheet (Class./Mgt.)
Reference Check Worksheet (Faculty/Adjunct)
Above and Beyond' Nomination Form
Adjunct Medical Insurance Payment Voucher
Board 02-08-11 Information Item
Board Process
Classification Review - Job Description Worksheet
Classification Review - Supervisory Review Form
Classification Review - Timeline
Classified/Management Preauthorization for Instructional Assignments
Classified Professional Development Release Time Request Form
Classified Seniority List - Research Request Form
Classified Shared Governance Compensation Form
Classified Shared Governance Compensation Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
Classified Staffing Examples
District/AFA contract Article 23: Misconduct Investigations and Progressive Discipline Forms
Faculty Request for Donated Sick Leave (re Coronavirus Emergency Effects - AFA/District Side Letter
Faculty Seniority List - Research Request Form
Faculty Service Area Application
Faculty Sick Leave Donation Form (re Coronavirus Emergency Effects - AFA/District Side Letter)
Faculty Teaching Experience Verification Form
Faculty Work Experience Verification Form
Grievance Form
Incident Report
Incident Report (How and when to file.)
Incident Report - Supervisor's Report of Injury (Worker's Compensation)
Management Team Classification/Compensation Study Cover Letter
Management Team Classification/Compensation Study - Position Information Questionnaire (PIQ)
Name/Address/Phone Change
Reasonable Accommodation Request Form   PDF Version  ||  WORD Version
Request for Review of Management Range Placement
Succession Planning Questionnaire 
Volunteer Agreement
Personnel Action Forms
Classified & Management Personnel Action Form (PAF)
Faculty Master PAF Template
Faculty Personnel Action Form (PAF)
Professional Expert Personnel Action Form (PAF)
Short-Term Non-Continuing (STNC) Personnel Action Form (PAF)
Additional Costs for STNC/Professional Expert Employees
Working Out Of Class Request Form
Information and Guidelines for completing Classified PAFs
Information and Guidelines for completing STNC/Professional Expert PAFs
Guide for using AdobeSign
Work Calendars
Daily Work Calendar