Tips for Applying for Tenure-Track Positions

See Minimum Qualifications Handbook for Faculty and Administrators in the California Community Colleges. (all applicants for academic service must meet the minimum qualifications for the discipline as specified). This resource is published by the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges. Applicants who do not meet the minimum stated educational qualifications may apply for these instructional or educational administrative positions by requesting consideration based upon an assertion of "equivalence" through one or more categories described in the Supplemental Questions/Equivalency section of the online application. The information to the SRJC Faculty Equivalency Procedures can be found at  Board Policy 4.3.2bP.


Candidates who are applying for classified, faculty and/or academic administrator positions, but do not meet the  minimum qualifications as stated in the job posting may still apply for the recruitment by filing for equivalency with the employment application. Applying on the basis of Equivalency is an option when an applicant possesses a combination of education and/or experience that may be equivalent to the stated minimum qualifications. Equivalency candidates must complete and attach an Equivalency Application, along with supporting documentation, to their online employment application. Please see the Equivalency Guide for Faculty Applicants and the Faculty Minimum Qualifications Self-Evaluation Checklist below.

Equivalency Resources

Career Technical Education Faculty Minimum Qualifications Toolkit (Note the CTE Minimum Qualifications General Education Equivalency Worksheet in the Toolkit is required in addition to the faculty equivalency application for equivalency requests for Career/Technical Education disciplines)

Classified Equivalency Application

Equivalency Guide for Faculty Applicants

Faculty Equivalency Application

Faculty Minimum Qualifications Self-Evaluation Checklist

Management Equivalency Application

For questions regarding the equivalency process, please contact Human Resources Jamie Cook (


For positions requiring a degree, all foreign degree credentials must be evaluated by a third party to determine the equivalent U.S. degree and major, and the Foreign Credential Evaluation must be attached to your application before your application will be considered. Not attaching your Foreign Credential Evaluation will render your application incomplete. Evaluations should include the name of the institution attended, a description of your credentials, the major field of study, and the U.S. equivalent for each credential. We recommend that the evaluation includes language that states the degree is Equivalent to a regional accredited college and/or university in the United States. SRJC accepts foreign transcripts that have been evaluated by a credential evaluation service accredited by the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services  (NACES). For a full list of accredited evaluation services click here: Note: Even if you obtained your graduate degree(s) in the U.S., you must attach a Foreign Credential Evaluation for your undergraduate degree if it was obtained outside the U.S.

The credential evaluation report submitted to SRJC should include the following information:

-Lower/upper division course recommendations

-Course titles and descriptions (if possible)

-School calendar system Units (credits) and grades Accreditation credentials of school or university.

-Language that states the degree is Equivalent to a regional accredited college and/or university in the United States (recommended language)

Please note if hired as an associate and/or faculty member, a letter noted under AFA article 27.01D2B may be required

For more information on foreign degree requirements at SRJC please review the AFA Contract Article 27.01


We appreciate your interest in employment with Santa Rosa Junior College.

Assistance with the online application process is available 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please allow yourself sufficient time prior to the priority filing deadline for the position/pool that you are applying for to complete the online application process.