You can download and print the salary schedules listed here. They are available in PDF. You need the latest Acrobat Reader to view the forms in Portable Document Format (PDF).

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Format File Size
Classified (by classification) PDF 228KB
Classified (by grade - hourly rate) PDF 83KB
Classified (by grade - monthly rate) PDF 100KB
Faculty: Format File Size
Faculty (Annual Contract - I) PDF 88KB
Faculty (Base Hourly - II) PDF 93KB
Faculty (Lecture & 1.0 Laboratory Hourly - III) PDF 114KB
Faculty (0.75 Laboratory Hourly - IV) PDF 112KB
Faculty (0.80 Laboratory Hourly - V) PDF 112KB
Faculty (Non-Credit Hourly - VI) PDF 107KB
Faculty (CDCP Hourly - VII) PDF 111KB
Faculty (Seniors Program) PDF 148KB
Management: Format File Size
Management PDF 165KB
Professional Expert: Format File Size
Professional Expert PDF 95KB
Short-term, Non-continuing: Format File Size
Short-term, Non-continuing PDF 208KB
Student: Format File Size
Student Employment PDF 47KB

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