Thinking of retiring? Here's information about retiree health insurance:


Faculty - Click here for information on Retirement Health Benefits 

Classified - Click here for information on Retirement Health Benefits 

Management Click here for information on Retirement Health Benefits


Sample retirement letter - please use this sample template to let us know what your last day on pay will be at SRJC and what date you're retiring from CalSTRS or CalPERS.


Early Retirement Option (ERO) Deadlines:


If you're retiring in December, the deadline to submit your ERO application and retirement letter is the first Friday of the fall semester. If you're retiring at the end of the school year in May then the deadline is October 1.


The deadline to submit your ERO application and retirement letter is no later than 4 months prior to your retirement date.


ERO rates for 2022-23.

If you qualify for the retiree health stipend, the rate as of 7/1/22 is $132/month for single; $256/month for double.

If you're over age 65, rates for the SRJC Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans are below:


Retiree Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans effective 10/1/2022:

CompanionCare through Anthem

The monthly premium for CompanionCare is $384.00/per person/per month. Click here for the benefit summary.


Kaiser Senior Advantage

The monthly premium for Kaiser Senior Advantage is $309.00/per person/per month. Click here for the benefit summary.


Silver&Fit program for all retirees enrolled in Kaiser Senior Advantage and CompanionCare.


Medicare Part D notice



Retiree Dental Benefits

Retroactive to September 1, 2022, Arrow Benefits Group transferred the dental plan administration to Redwood Health Services in Santa Rosa.

Your new dental plan benefits with Redwood Health Services remain the same. The Provider Network will remain the same. You can also continue to use a non-network provider. A PPO network will be available for those outside the range of the current network.

Be sure to let your dentist know you have changed dental plan administrators. Give them your new identification card that you received in the mail so they can update your billing details.

Redwood Health Services will process and pay claims. You can check the status of claims or print a temporary card by logging in to:


If you have any questions, please contact Redwood Health Services per below:

Redwood Health Services

3510 Unocal Place, #108

Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Customer service #: 800-548-7677, extension 2



Once SRJC receives the dental plan benefit summary and list of providers, that information will be posted here.


Santa Rosa Junior College offers a self-insured dental plan that includes more than 750 participating dentists. The annual dental benefit provided each benefit year is $1,700.00. The plan year is from October 1 to September 30. The District pays the entire monthly premium for full-time employees and eligible dependents. For employees working less than full-time, benefits will be pro-rated.

This dental plan is an incentive plan, which means that there’s an incentive for you to go to the dentist. For instance, for Preventative and  Diagnostic Services (like teeth cleanings) all new subscribers start out at 80% coverage; if you go to the dentist during your 1st plan year (now through 9/30/2023), then you will move up to 90% coverage on 10/1/2023. Then if you go to the dentist from 10/1/2023 through 9/30/2024, you will move up to 100% coverage. Once you hit 100% you stay there. You have 3 covered teeth cleanings per year per person. 

Click here for the List of Participating Providers.

Click here for the Dental Benefit Summary.

Click here for the dental enrollment form to enroll for the first time or make changes to your plan

Click here for Dependent Eligibility Requirements