Employee of the Month

Each month Santa Rosa Junior College recognizes excellence on campus with an Employee of the Month Award. Visit the Employee of the Month Nominations page to find out how to nominate someone you feel deserves this distinction.  Here is a list of past EOM recipients.

Previous recipient: Yadira Camargo - February 2023

March 2023 - Randellyn Bossom

Congratulations to Randellyn Bossom, who is the March 2023 Employee of the Month at Santa Rosa Junior College.  Randellyn is an Admissions & Records Evaluation Specialist II in the Admissions and Records department. She joined SRJC in April 2005, having previously worked at the University of Arizona and Blue Mountain Community College in Pendleton, Oregon. All combined, Randellyn has worked in higher education for 27 years!

Randellyn’s primary responsibilities are to support our students as they near graduation, and in particular, our student-athletes. She ensures that student-athletes meet eligibility requirements of the California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA), and annually certifies each team for their competition season. She evaluates transfer transcripts and works with students, counselors, and other departments, reviews degree applications to verify program requirements have been met, and ensures that eligible students are invited to participate in the annual commencement. Her daily work supports the primary directive of the Evaluations team to ensure that administrative policies and Title 5 requirements are consistently met.

“Randellyn is a great employee, dedicated to her job and team, willing to assist anyone and takes pride in what she does as an Evaluator,” said Vayta Smith, Director of Admissions, Records and Enrollment Services. “She enjoys giving students the tools and information that they use to realize their accomplishments and success.  Being a part of bringing students to participate in the graduation ceremony really brings the work she does full circle, and she’s so proud of being a part of that student journey. Randellyn is always going above and beyond every semester to assist and certify all of our student-athletes, leading the team of evaluators to make sure students are cleared to receive their certificates and diplomas at the end of each term. She works extra-long hours at the beginning of each semester to ensure sports eligibility, while at the same time rushing to graduate students. She understands that they need their certificate or diploma to be able to obtain employment and/or to continue their education at a university. I appreciate that she enjoys reading and understanding legal policies and procedures! It's a blessing to have an intelligent and dedicated employee such as Randellyn, and I am honored to be her supervisor.”

Randellyn was born in Southern California, raised on a ranch in Ukiah from the beginning of middle school. After graduating from Ukiah High, she went on to attend Business Administration classes and work at both Mendocino College and Blue Mountain Community College. At Blue Mountain, she was a Distance Education Specialist for the main campus and eight satellite sites. After moving closer to family in Tucson, Arizona, she worked for the University of Arizona Office of Curriculum and Registration as an Office Specialist for the Associate Registrar for Curriculum. Her duties included supporting the Undergraduate Council and five Curriculum Program Coordinators for course development, degree audit and transfer articulation systems, and academic program and development.

After 15 years of living out of state, she decided she wanted to return to the North Bay, and found an Evaluation Specialist position at SRJC. “When I first arrived,” said Randellyn, “I remember thinking that stat-wise, SRJC was comparable to the Pac10 research university I had just left. I immediately thought SRJC was doing something right and must be a great place to work. Fast forward all these years later, and my assessment was correct! I often hear from students that SRJC has been their best educational experience. I’m so proud to be part of that experience and know that my work contributes to their success.”

Randellyn’s adult son lives here in Santa Rosa, and Randellyn enjoys filling her free time with a variety of hobbies such as paper crafting, gardening, photography, and collecting antiques — especially vintage mechanical objects like cameras, sewing machines, typewriters, and classic cars.

“I have enjoyed working at Santa Rosa Junior College, on this beautiful campus with great colleagues and students,” said Randellyn. “I take pride in being a dependable and knowledgeable resource to all students and the college community, especially for situations that need creative solutions. I enjoy researching complex issues that require a bit of detective work. The volume of tasks and detailed knowledge required to process hundreds of students throughout the year is not often recognized by those outside of our department. I was very honored to be selected, and I appreciate the recognition of the work that I (and my team) do for the college and its students. Thank you!”