April 2024 - Yajayra BedollaEmployee of the Month for April 2024 - Yajayra Bedolla

Congratulations to Yajayra Bedolla, the April 2024 Employee of the Month at Santa Rosa Junior College.  Yajayra is the Administrative Assistant II (AAII) in the English for Multilingual Students (EMLS) Department and an Associate Faculty for the Adult Education Program.

Yajayra has worked at SRJC since 2011.  She started as an STNC Instructional Assistant, then an STNC CASAS Proctor, and then as an STNC Administrative Assistant.  This led to her hire as a regular Classified AAII in 2017 before she joined the Associate Faculty ranks in 2019.  

As an Administrative Assistant, she supports the EMLS Department (formerly English as a Second Language) with various administrative duties, including overseeing the WIOA budget and purchasing functions, processing and tracking STNC and Associate Faculty PAFs and timesheets, and supporting the Noncredit EMLS Coordinator with other tasks related to the program. As an Associate Faculty member, she teaches business, personal and business finances, and computer courses.

Yajayra was born in Chicago, Illinois, and spent a few years there as a child until her family moved back to Mexico when she was five. She grew up in Mexico, went to school, and graduated from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.  She also has a Masters Degree of Education from the University of Sioux Falls, and an Associate’s Degree from SRJC in Human Resources. Prior to joining SRJC, she worked in the banking industry.

Yajayra credits her success at SRJC to her ability to provide helpful information and assistance quickly and accurately. She stated, “I am always available so that students and associate faculty can receive the help they need promptly. I strive to provide fair and unbiased assistance to SRJC faculty members and students.”

Daniela Kingwill, a faculty member in the EMLS department, said, “Yajayra is an exceptional example of a former ESL student who not only studied with us, but soon became a member of our department administrative staff. Later, with her admirable initiative and eagerness to learn and serve others, she developed her notable gifts as a creative and astute technology learner and became an Adult Education Instructor, developing her curriculum impressively, while continuing to provide administrative support in the department, working unselfishly with students and staff needing her finely tuned skills on a regular basis.”

Daniela went on to say, “Yajayra is a gift to the college and her co-workers. She goes above and beyond to support everyone to the best of her ability with a positive attitude. It is a true joy to work with her. She consistently demonstrates her unparalleled commitment to our department and students, keeping track of broader educational trends and their potential impact on our students as well as staying on top of the smaller, less-glamorous details required for our department to operate efficiently. She leads by example in her own teaching - with student access, retention, and success at the forefront of her instructional decisions - and she advocates for them to be at the heart of the conversations and decisions we make as a department as well. In addition to her dedication and professionalism, Yajayra is a kind, caring, and respectful colleague to all.”

Yajayra said that what she most likes about her job is empowering others by sharing her knowledge and ideas.  Her goal is to be a resource for others and to make their jobs easier.

In her Associate Faculty role, Yajayra is able to provide instruction in both English and Spanish. She takes time to explain everything to students in full detail, making sure everyone understands and is on the same page before moving on. In the Adult Education program, Yajayra often collaborates and assists in the development of curriculum for the computer and business classes that SRJC offers.  She flows and flourishes between her two roles, finding that her biggest challenge is managing her time efficiently so that she can successfully perform both of her positions.  

Daniela stated, “Yajayra is always there to support everyone in every way she can. She is tireless in her commitment to the EMLS department and its teachers. She is knowledgeable, patient, understanding, and supportive, and her positive attitude is contagious. Yajayra is a joy to work with, and she helps students EVERY day in EVERY way!”

Yajayra is married with three daughters. She loves reading self-help and personal growth books, singing, walking, and developing her skills and knowledge. Upon learning of her nomination, she said, “This recognition makes me feel that my contribution and hard work are paying off. It makes me feel that my colleagues appreciate and value the support I have provided all these years working for SRJC. Most importantly, this recognition motivates me to continue providing excellent service to the students and strive for continuous improvement.”