Workshops/programs sponsored by ECI have included:

  • Professional Development Activity Day workshops   
  • New Hire Employee Orientations  
  • Faculty Trainings  
  • Student Training for Americorps students and Student Health Services interns
  • Building Community workshops via The Appreciative Inquiry Approach
  • ‘Ouch’ Training – Tips for addressing bias and/or racist comments or actions
  • Building Community’ events by engaging in dialogue with each other about what each of us needs in order to feel trusted, appreciated and included in the work environment. These events have supported our college community with effects of ongoing culture change.
  • The ECI Oak Tree Project was one of several ‘Building Community’ events to demonstrate how our college community expresses the 'languages of appreciation in the workplace'. The Oak Tree Art Project was installed in Bertolini Associate’s Lounge in Fall 2019. The purpose of this project was to inspire community building and promote wellness in the workplace as a recommendation from the Solution Forum offered to debrief about the Diversity & Inclusion Climate Surveys. The ECI team who worked on this project started by creating self-care collages. The group was then provided training on Trauma-Informed Care and understanding physical and mental factors that affect well-being to discuss the languages of appreciation in the workplace. This project was sponsored by the Embracing a Culture of Inclusion Training Program in collaboration with the District Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee and SRJC's Leadership Academy project 'Creative SRJC' which focuses on offering opportunities for wellness through artistic opportunity.