Management Job Descriptions




Associate Dean, Associate Degree Nursing Program Magee, Katherine *
Associate Dean, Public Safety - Basic Academy Brown, Lanny
Associate Dean, Public Safety - In-Service Programs Arnold, Charisse
Chief of Police Brownlee, Robert
Coordinator, Public Safety/POST Potter, Steven
Dean, Agriculture/Natural Resources & Culinary Arts Goldstein, Benjamin
Dean, Arts and Humanities Loewen, Kerry
Dean, Business and Professional Studies Adams, Joshua
Dean, Disabled Students Programs and Services Starke, Kimberly
Dean, Health Sciences Sakanashi, Tammy *
Dean, Instruction and Enrollment Management, Petaluma Guerra, Regina *
Dean, Instruction and Strategic Program Development Prince, Catherine
Dean, Kinesiology, Athletics & Dance/Athletics Director Markovich, Matt
Dean, Language Arts and Academic Foundations Holcomb, Robert
Dean, Learning Resources & Educational Technology Oxford, Mary-Catherine
Dean, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Tam, Victor
Dean, Student Support Programs Hunnemeder-Bergfelt, Lily
Dean, Workforce Development Davis, Bradford
Director, Admissions, Records & Enrollment Services Smith, Vayta
Director, Alumni, Annual Fund & Corporate Relations Laggos, Sarah
Director, Community Education Vacant
Director, Distance Education Beach, Lisa
Director, District & Community Relations Bricker, Erin
Director, Early Childhood Education Warner, Maleese
Director, Gateway to College Program Luna Shannon, Vanessa
Director, Human Resources Hopkins, Sarah
Director, Marketing & Communications, SRJC Foundation Beseda, Breanne
Director, Media Services & Learning Technologies McQuaig, Matthew
Director, Public Safety/Fire Technology Sebastiani, Ken
Director, Public Safety/Modular Law Enforcement Academy Vacant
Director, Public Safety/Ranger Academy Vacant
Director, Regional Adult Education Programs Miller, Nancy
Director, Student Engagement and Support Services, SRJC Petaluma Vidaurri, Michelle
Director, Student Equity and Persistence Bertone, Genevieve
Director, Student Financial Services Cox, Jana
Director, Student Health Services Norwick, Rebecca
Director, Student Outreach, Onboarding & International Student Program Booher-Poggi, Michelle
Director, Systems and Programming Webb, Don
Director, Workforce Programs and Career & Technical Education Grants Dodson, Tina
Executive Assistant, Academic Affairs (Confidential) Nazario, Karolina
Executive Assistant, Finance & Administrative Services (Confidential) St. Clair, Susan
Executive Assistant, Human Resources (Confidential) Dixon, Brenda
Executive Assistant, Superintendent/President, Board of Trustees & Capital Projects Sonkaynar, Zehra
Executive Dean, SRJC Petaluma Long, Matthew
Executive Director, Foundation Mullineaux, J
Human Resources Analyst, Senior Vacant
Human Resources Specialist, Benefits (Confidential) Colon, Christie
Human Resources Specialist, Systems & Compensation (Confidential) Waggoner, Gina
Manager, Accounting Close, Linda
Manager, Adult Education Garcia, Marlyn
Manager, Custodial Services Gebre, Mengistab
Manager, Enrollment and Student Services Centers, SRJC Petaluma Cooper, Denise
Manager, Environmental Health & Safety McHale, Robin
Manager, Facilities and Grounds Lankford, Henry
Manager, Facility Use & Event Services Rodriguez Aguilera, Javier
Manager, Farm Facilities & Products Wills, Christopher
Manager, Foster & Kinship Care Education (FKCE) Program Lawrence, Nickolas
Manager, Human Resources/Employment Equity Sydney, Sussanah
Manager, Human Resources/Training and Compliance Jarrett, Stephanie
Manager, Information Technology Infrastructure Exelby, Daniel
Manager, Instructional Computing Roth, Mike
Manager, Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement (MESA)/CCCP Rosales, Darci
Manager, Media Services, Petaluma Pearson, Matthew
Manager, Network Security Snyder, Kevin
Manager, Payroll Desai, Deepa
Manager, Petaluma Business Services Schultz, Whitney
Manager, Shone Farm Vacant
Manager, Southwest Santa Rosa Center Delgado, Hector
Manager, Student Financial Services Cutcher, Rachel
Manager, Student Health Services - Mental Health Programs Epstein, Bert
Manager, Student Support Services Zarate, Hilleary
Manager, Student Support Services, SRJC Petaluma Ziccone, Deborah
Manager, Sustainability & Energy Programs Liebman, David
Museum Supervisor/Curator SRJC Multi Cultural Museum Minor, Rachel
Payroll Analyst (Confidential) Hotchkiss, Lisa
Police Sergeant James, Daniel, Fleetwood, Brandon
Project Manager (Measure H) Chierici, Heather &  Mukherjee, Sumita
Senior Dean, Counseling and Student Success Collier, Li
Senior Dean, Learning Resources & Educational Technology Usina, Phyllis *
Senior Dean of Students Ethington, Robert
Senior Director, Capital Projects Fernandez, Serafin
Senior Director, Information Technology Snyder, Kevin *
Senior Director, Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Planning Smotherman, Jeramy
Superintendent/President Chong, Frank
Supervisor, Technical Services/Media Services Wycoff, Greg
Vice President, Academic Affairs/Assistant Superintendent Saldaña-Talley, Jane
Vice President, Finance and Administrative Services Jolley, Kate
Vice President, Human Resources Hopkins, Sarah *
Vice President of Student Services/Assistant Superintendent Avila, Pedro
  * - Temporary or Interim Assignment