HR Staff Directory

HR TeamDepartment Staff and Responsibilities

The Human Resources Department handles personnel and employment-related matters for regular, temporary, student, and short-term non-continuing employees totaling over 3,000 people. The staff includes 1 Educational Administrator, 3 Classified Administrators, 4 Confidential employees and 7 Classified employees. Services provided include recruiting, hiring, evaluating, classification, compensation, employee benefits, accessibility, compliance, worker's compensation reporting, professional development, absence tracking and employment verifications. The Staff members serve as liaisons to other departments where personnel issues and functions cross interdepartmental lines. In addition, the Department mediates legal and personnel issues and oversees the preparation of the personnel portion of the board agenda.

Listed here are the Human Resources Department staff and their functional responsibilities. This will help you reach the appropriate person when you require specific assistance.

Karen Furukawa
Vice President of Human Resources
(707) 527-4302

  • Responsible for entire Human Resources function
  • Interpretation of contracts
  • All legal issues

Sarah Hopkins

Director of Human Resources
(707) 527-4831

  • Questions about personnel policies/procedures
  • Classified contract interpretation
  • Employee/employer relations issues
  • Co-chair of Classification Review Committee
  • Employee recognition events
  • Oversees Professional Development
  • Tri-chair of Professional Development Committee
  • Professional Development trainings
  • Embracing a Culture of Inclusion Program
  • Classified and Management job descriptions
  • Day to day supervision of Human Resources functions
  • HR Liaison to Academic Senate Equivalency and Faculty Staffing Committees

Sussanah Sydney
Manager of Employment Equity
(707) 527-4821

  • Recruitment of Regular and Adjunct Faculty, Classified, and Management staff
  • Oversight of recruitment/outreach
  • Recruitment procedures and timelines
  • Job announcements and advertising
  • Committee orientations and monitor assignments
  • Maintenance of Adjunct Faculty pools
  • Minimum qualifications and equivalency questions
  • Cultural Competency training
  • Equal Employment Opportunity efforts
  • New Staff and Faculty Orientations

Stephanie Jarrett
Manager of Training and Compliance
(707) 527-4822

  • Sexual harassment & misconduct prevention promotion strategies and programming and related trainings
  • Investigates and responds to allegations of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and discrimination complaints
  • Professional development and training programs for all employee groups
  • PDA Day Coordinator
  • Faculty Flex Program
  • Classified Release Time Requests

Brenda Dixon
Executive Assistant, Human Resources
(707) 521-6957

  • Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Human Resources
  • Contact to make appointments with the Vice President or Assistant Director
  • Human Resources portion of the Board of Trustees’ monthly meeting agenda
  • Management Team Organizational Chart
  • Employee of the Month
  • Employee Sunshine Fund
  • Maintenance of Human Resources website
  • Retirements and Resignations
  • Provides administrative support to Human Resources Management

Susan Muskar
Human Resources Analyst, Senior
(707) 524-1624

  • Intake of Student and Employee complaints of discrimination and sexual harassment
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Reasonable accommodations program
  • Long-term disability and illness
  • Extended medical leaves
  • Volunteer program
  • Exit Interview
  • Adjunct Faculty Medical Benefits
  • Pre-employment physical process for designated classifications
  • Special projects and back-up for other HR staff

Christie Colón
Human Resources Specialist, Benefits
(707) 527-4304

  • Employee Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance benefit programs
  • Retiree Medical and Dental benefit programs
  • COBRA Notifications
  • Open Enrollment Information
  • Health Care Reform Information
  • Reduced Workload Program
  • Early Retirement Option Program
  • CalPERS and CalSTRS Retirement System Information

Gina Waggoner
Human Resources Specialist, Systems & Compensation
(707) 527-4786

  • Position control and data entry
  • Budget issues as they pertain to computer information system
  • Salary placements for Regular and Adjunct Faculty
  • Salary schedule movement for Regular and Adjunct faculty
  • Faculty and Management PAFs/Master PAFs
  • Adjunct Faculty resignations
  • Incoming transcripts
  • Surveys and Human Resources reports

Danielle Donica
Human Resources Technician
(707) 527-4785

Linda Jay
Human Resources Technician
(707) 527-4817

  • Classified PAFs/Master PAFs
  • Evaluation tracking for Management and Classified staff
  • Instructional Assistant step movement and tracking
  • Employment paperwork processing for Classified, Faculty, Management, STNC and Professional Experts staff
  • Notice of Absence and all leave tracking for Classified, Faculty and Management staff
  • Fingerprinting
  • TB clearance tracking
  • Extended medical and maternity leaves of absence
  • STNC Days Report

Human Resources Technician

(707) 522-2667

Maria Padilla Campos
Human Resources Technician
(707) 527-4787

  • Human Resources Technician for Regular and Adjunct Faculty, Management, and Classified staff recruiting
  • Requisitions, recruitment statistics, job announcements and advertisements
  • Initiation and Processing of Adjunct Faculty new hire paperwork
  • Maintenance of Adjunct Faculty pools
  • Hiring Committee paperwork

Bridget C. Hodenfield
Administrative Assistant I
(707) 527-4954

  • Department Administrative Assistant/Receptionist
  • General information
  • Employment Application questions
  • Employment verifications
  • The person to call when you don’t know who to talk with in the Human Resources Department

Shauna Malvino
Administrative Assistant I
(707) 527-4852

  • Support for Professional Development
  • General information on flex program
  • Maintenance of flex records
  • Support for Professional Development trainings and orientations
  • Support for PDA Day activities
  • Assistance with Employee Benefits program
  • Tuition Reimbursement Program
  • Staff Resource Center and Professional Development Website