Here’s how the Deductible medical plan/Health Savings Accounts (HSA) plans work:

You must be enrolled in either the Kaiser Deductible medical plan or the Blue Shield Deductible medical plan to open the HSA account. The HSA is not available with the Kaiser HMO, Blue Shield HMO or Blue Shield PPO medical plans.

The district deposits $100.00/month into your HSA for single coverage or $150.00/month for double/family coverage and you can also put deposit money of your own into your account. You can use the money in the HSA to pay your Kaiser or Blue Shield medical plan deductible or copayments. Just be sure to keep all your receipts for your medical services and reimburse yourself from the HSA account for any medical expenses you accrue.

The Health Savings Account is through Optum Bank - FAQs and Guide

Here is a video about HSAs.