Our SRJC Community

SRJC employees have joined the college staff for many reasons, to accomplish many aims. While they come from remarkably different backgrounds with distinct life experiences, they share a mutual commitment to ensure the success of our students, as reflected in the provision of high quality instruction, student services, and products.

Contact staff and faculty members directly if you have any questions about the SRJC community!


Susan MuskarSusan Muskar

Human Resources Analyst, Senior
Human Resources
(707) 524-1624

SRJC is an integral part of the beautiful community in which I live, and provides an opportunity for personal growth, educational enrichment, and promotional opportunities. Most importantly, I appreciate being immersed in a diverse population. I appreciate the ability to be a representative of the college and to be an example for our students by assisting them or by being a fellow student myself as I continue with classes. I truly love my job and this extraordinary area. It is a pleasure to come to work each day and share in the spirit of our SRJC community.


Dustin ZuckermanDustin Zuckerman

Technician II
Doyle Library Periodicals Department
(707) 521-6074

I was a student worker in the library 10 years ago. After my experience I wanted to work for SRJC, hence the community. The leadership at SRJC is so refreshing; straight shooters whose focus is where it should be...on the students. If you're as idealistic, as I am, this is the place to be. We also love our oak trees so much that the football field had to be built around one of them (there is an oak tree in one of the end zones).


Hilleary ZarateHilleary Izard

Student Advisor, Categorical Programs
(707) 527-4903


As a full time classified employee, I have found a place where I belong and can make a difference one student at a time.


Kristeen AbrahamsonKristeen Abrahamson

Dean III, Liberal Arts and Sciences
(707) 521-7950


I have worked at SRJC for 23 years as a faculty member and an instructional dean. What makes the college a truly wonderful place to work is our unwavering commitment to teaching excellence and our determination to help students achieve their aspirations. I have lived in Sonoma County almost all of my life, and there are very few places on earth that can match it in terms of the beauty of the land, the temperate Mediterranean climate, and the abundance and variety of foods and wines. Increasingly, Sonoma County is also becoming a magnet to the arts with outstanding local theater, art galleries, films, lectures, and musical event.


Brian D. PhiferBrian D. Phifer, Ed. D.

Assistant Director of Student Affairs and New Student Programs
(707) 527-4647



I relocated from Napa County to Sonoma County over 7 years ago. Bodega Bay and Harbor (Coastline City) and Dry Creek Valley (Wine Country) are both within short distances of the Junior College. As a professional African-American male, I feel the SRJC's cultural inclusivity among faculty and staff has increased with the appointment of Dr. Frank Chong, President/Superintendent.


Karen Furukawa-SchlerethKaren Furukawa-Schlereth

Vice President, Human Resources
(707) 527-4302


I joined SRJC ten years ago as the Director of Human Resources when I relocated from Southern California. I am privileged to work with a group of talented faculty and staff who care deeply about the students we serve. My job is challenging and interesting, and I feel fortunate to be affiliated with one of the best community colleges in California! I have come to know and to love Sonoma County. Santa Rosa is a mid-size city, which makes it easy to participate and get involved in the arts, culture, business, education, and outdoor recreational activities that are offered with a backdrop of spectacular natural beauty. I see myself here for many more years to come.


Tad WakefieldTad Wakefield

English Instructor
(707) 527-4602


Moving from Southern California to Santa Rosa has been a wonderful experience for my family and me. Sonoma County offers a wealth of cultural and intellectual activities that enrich the faculty here at SRJC!


Beatriz CamargoBeatriz Camargo

Coordinator, High School Equivalency (HEP) Program
(707) 527-4796


Santa Rosa Junior College is a beautiful college dedicated to student success. There are vast opportunities for growth and development for staff. Once a student worker here, I am very happy to be part of the SRJC Community once again as a permanent staff member!


Carole BennettCarole Bennett

Faculty, Business Office Technology
(707) 527-2709


As a business and technology instructor, I have always appreciated SRJC’s support of technology, new directions, and forward thinking approaches. I have always felt that new ideas and creativity were welcome.


Abe FarkasAbe Farkas

Dean III of Curriculum & Educational Support Services
(707) 524-1508


We moved 450 miles because we heard how wonderful life is in Santa Rosa…and it’s all true!


Mary Kay RudolphMary Kay Rudolph

Vice President Academic Affairs
Assistant Superintendent
(707) 524-1516


SRJC is a wonderful combination of nearly 90 years of tradition coupled with innovative and visionary approaches to instruction and meeting student needs. The college is committed to modeling inclusion and honoring the diverse communities we serve and represent.


Roberta DelgadoRoberta Delgado

Adjunct Faculty, Counseling
(707) 527-4451


The experience of Santa Rosa Junior College embedded in the broader Sonoma County community is a rare and wonderful combination. SRJC is a fiercely excellent institution. I have seen few environments in which there is such a widely shared value placed on a constant effort to improve programs and services in the interests of instructional quality, student success, and the aesthetics of the campus. The result, a rare responsiveness to the needs of our diverse student population and local community, and many SRJC staff involvement in statewide efforts to improve community college education. 


Sarah HopkinsSarah Hopkins

Manager, Human Resources
(707) 527-4831


Sonoma County has been my home since the 1970’s, and the benefits of this area are so great that I can’t imagine ever living elsewhere – the combination of beautiful surroundings, diverse cultural and community events, and excellent educational programs are the best for my family and me. Most of my career has been spent at SRJC, and it has proven to be an excellent place for opportunity and purpose. 


Bridget HodenfieldBridget C. Hodenfield

Administrative Assistant
Human Resources
(707) 527-4954


“SRJC…We have your future in mind” was part of a college radio message years ago that resonates with me still. As a reentry student, my day and future brightened the moment I took my first class at SRJC. The many classes by superb instructors that followed taught me lessons that continue to enrich my life. As an employee, I am fortunate to work with a wonderful group of people who believe, as I do, that SRJC is a great, supportive place to work. We are located in a beautiful, diverse environment and the future here is bright.